Rommy/Guitar started “IVORY GATE” with the bass of “Hurricane” when he came back to Tokyo from London in 1979. In 1981, Leo/Drams joined the band and released the first single “Like A Midnite Sun/Time In Your Life” from RVC Record with Jay/Vocal and Rocky/Bass. In the early 1980s, the band actively played at clubs around Tokyo and later extended to clubs and halls throughout Japan. In 1988, “New Frontier” was released from the indy label/Gold Records. The band broke up soon after, but got back together in 1993 in order to play at the marrow donor support live. Leo/Dram returned in 1998 and TeeTee/Bass joined in 2001. And we are still running.. our hardest!!!


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Rommy/Guitar, Vo

Freedom and harmony are my key words for the band. I really enjoy playing music with the band now. I would like to release more new songs which mean something to you !


It’s been long time since I was shocked by the music of IVORY GATE and joined the band. I want to deliver the power and sensitiveness.


Finally, I’m playing in the band that I was looking for.  I am often said that I am like a quiet craftsman, but I challenges new things to make our music better, too.



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